ATP Anti-Corrosive Properties

ATP (Advanced Technology Primer) is line of anti-corrosive epoxy primers that have many functions. The following are some examples of ATP's exemplary performance in the salt spray at Powder Technology on customer-supplied substrates.

These ATP test panels had been in the salt spray cabinet for over 21, 500 hours or longer than two years. For comparison most powder coatings fail between 1000 and 4000 hours. That is six weeks to twenty three weeks.

These panels are ATP over a cast aluminum light pole base. The panels were put into magnesium chloride salt spray, which dissolves the substrate. One panel was scribed to allow the chemical reaction. Even after 6,480 hours the ATP held together and protected the substrate.

These panels were ATP over both CRS and galvanized substrate. They were put into road salt (magnesium chloride) because it is more aggressive than the typical sodium chloride. After 10,336 hours the panels still had no creep and no blisters.