Acrylic Powder Coating

These powders offer excellent hardness, chemical solvent, stain resistance with exceptional UV/heat resistance.

Typical Applications For Acrylic Epoxy Powders Are:

  • Electric kitchen griddle encasement
  • Under-the-hood automotive part
  • Wheel rims
  • Lighting fixtures

Typical Properties Are:

All colors and clear
Specific Gravity:
1.2 to 1.8 depending on color and formulation
20 to 95% at 60°
Adhesion - Crosshatch:
MEK Resistance:
50 double rubs with slight softening but recovers
Alkaline Resistance:
Slight discoloration after two hours
Stain Resistance:
Very slight to slight
Salt Spray:
1,000 + hours*
1,000 + hours*
Cure Range:
From 20 minutes at 325° to 10 minutes at 400° F (Metal Temperature)**
* When applied to properly cleaned and pretreated substrates.
**Can be formulated to meet various cure requirements.