Product Description

ATP (Advanced Technology Primer) epoxy powders are high performance, anti-chip coatings designed for use as either stand alone anticorrosive or basecoats under durable topcoats where exceptional corrosion resistance is desired. Notable properties of ATP's include: outstanding adhesion, excellent corrosion resistance, tough cut-through, energy dissipating anti-chip, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Recommended Uses

For use as a coating for :

  • Light, Signal and Transmission Structures
  • Architectural Structures and Components
  • Transportation Markets
  • Agricultural, Construction and Heavy Equipment
  • Interior Tank Linings
  • Interior and Exterior Marine Applications
  • Immersion Service

Product Characteristics

Low Gloss Textures to High Gloss Smooth

Stocked in black, off-white and medium gray
Custom colors available

Recommended Film Thickness:
Nominal 2-3 mils over surface profile for corrosion protection
Anti-chip properties improve with 4+ mils

Full Cure 10' @ 400°F (Metal Temp)
When used as a primer under durable topcoat the product should be gelled 5' @ 350°F (Typical) and mono baked with topcoat.

Shelf Life:
6-months at 80°F max (nominal)

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool and dry location.

Performance Characteristics

System Tested: PT-ES70-ES03, ATP DARK
Substrate: Steel
Surface Preparation: SSPC-SP10 (minimum)
Film Thickness: 4 - 6 mils
Specific Gravity: 1.38
60° Gloss: 80 +/- 10%
Pencil Hardness: H Minimum
Adhesion: Pass (X-hatch)
Flexibility: 1/8" Conical Mandrel
Impact D&R: 160/.160 in. lbs.
Solvent Rub: Pass 50 Dbl Rubs
Salt Spray: 5000 Hrs Typical