Anti-Graffiti Powder Coating

Anti-graffiti technology from Powder Technology, Inc. is based on proprietary polyester urethane technology and is formulated specifically to meet the requirements of ASTM D6578 - Standard Practice for Determination of Graffiti Resistance. Graffiti such as: Solvent-Based Acrylic Spray Paint, Solvent-Based Alkyd Spray Paint, Wax Crayon, Ballpoint Ink, and Water-based Ink Marker were all easily removed by scrubbing with a dry cloth. Solvent-Based Permanent Ink Marker was easily removed by scrubbing with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Panels were repeatedly coated with graffiti and cleaned with no effect on color or gloss.
  • Large parts, coated with Solvent-Based Acrylic and Alkyd Spray Paint, were easily cleaned with a pressure washer.
  • Initial testing was performed on PT-US56-AS80 - ANTI-GRAFFITI GRAY SDU, a gray super durable polyester urethane powder coating. Available in other colors on request.

Typical Properties Are:

Range of most colors.
Specific Gravity:
1.2 to 1.8 depending on color and formula
45% to 75%
HB to 2H
60 to 160 inch pounds
Adhesion - Crosshatch:
100% Pass
Flexibility - Conical Mandrel:
Pass 1/8 to 1/4 inches
Solvent Resistance:
50 double rubs - Softens but recovers
Salt Spray:
1,000 + hours*
1,000 + hours*
2,500 + hours*
Cure Range:
From 20 minutes @ 350° F to 10 minutes @ 400° F** (Metal Temperature)
* When applied to properly cleaned and pretreated substrates.
**Can be formulated to meet various cure requirements.