Decabond, (D1000) Series Fluorocarbon

Decabond technology was formulated to meet the more rigorous performance requirements of AAMA 2605 and is based on proven fluorocarbon resin technology, and like its sister powder, Pentabond, is formulated with the highest performance pigments, additives, resins and fillers available. All materials have proven track records in exterior coatings and the unique combination of materials has resulted in a coating with outstanding exterior durability as well as providing all performance requirements detailed under the AAMA 2605 specifications.

  • Minimum 50% gloss retention after 10 years Florida exposure
  • Maximum of 5 Delta E units, (Hunter), of color change as calculated in accordance with ASTM D 2244, Section 6.3
  • Limited Warranty is available for select color/gloss combinations