Powder Technology, Inc Introduces RAL 8011, our 109th UL Listed Stock RAL

Powder Technology, Inc. is proud to announce that we have expanded our product offering to include over 100 RAL powder coatings.  Every coating in our RAL product line is UL Listed*, High Gloss, and Super Durable, well surpassing the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2603 Standards.

Designed for uniform application properties and superior opacity levels, these coatings cure at a temperature of 350°, allowing for energy savings versus many other standard cure product lines.  In addition, all of our RAL coatings are high gloss, with ratings of 85+. Using our ATP primer plus our Super Durable top coat we typically see more than 5,000 hours in salt spray cabinets.

We can also supply these RAL coatings to meet rigorous AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 Standards using our Pentabond and Decabond chemistry.  Formulated with the highest performance ingredients available, our Decabond coatings deliver proven track records, maintaining superior durability and a minimum of 50% gloss retention after 10 years Florida exposure.

Powder Technology is pleased to offer the complete RAL line in custom textures, low gloss / matte, and TGIC-Free Primid chemistries upon request.

These Super Durable RAL coatings are in stock and ready to ship (depending on inventory), in quantities as low as 5 pounds. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information, or simply email to place an order.

Visit to learn more about our RAL deck as well our entire product lineup. From our aggressive ATP and Anti-Chip primers to our Pentabond and Decabond top coats, as well as our anti-microbial and anti-graffiti coatings, Powder Technology continues to bring best of breed coating and service offerings to the marketplace.

*If UL Listing is required, PTI must be notified upon receipt of the order to ensure proper documentation and packing, at no additional cost to the customer.


PTI STOCK RAL SD TGIC Polyesters have been formulated to provide a high performance exterior coating when applied over a wide variety of substrates and surface preparations. They are based on a Low Cure Super Durable TGIC Polyester platform in order to provide a significantly higher level of UV resistance when compared to General Industrial grade polyester powder coatings.

Listed under UL1332 DTOV2, RAL colors are available in super durable TGIC chemistry. Please call for more information.

Individual products within this platform have been designed for uniform application properties and superior opacity levels. This platform has been designed for a lower temperature cure response, allowing for energy savings versus standard cure stock product lines.

Powder Characteristics Cured Film Properties and Attributes
Cure Schedule: 10 Minutes @ 350F (177C)
Film Thickness Range: Target 2.0 – 3.0 mils
Particle Size: Average d(0.5) 36.0 – 42.0 um
Storage Conditions: 12 Months at or below 80F
SubstratePrep: CRS Iron Phosphate Non-Chrome Seal
60 Degree Gloss
(ASTM D 523):
85+ Units
Pencil Hardness
(ASTM D 3363):
H – 2H
(ASTM D 3359 MB):
100C H2O Adhesion
(ASTM 870):
(ASTM D 522):
Pass 1/8" Mandrel
(ASTM D 2794):
120-160 in/lbs. Dir.

Cure Curve-Substrate Temperature

Performance Characteristics, Typical
SubstratePrep: CRS Iron Phosphate Non-Chrome Seal
(ASTM D 2794):
2500+ Hours
Salt Fog
(ASTM D 1654):
1000+ Hours
(ASTM D 2247):
1000+ Hours
Solvent Rub
(PT-310_070 90/10):
Softens, Recovers
General Chemical Resistance
Bleach 0 - No Effect
Sulfuric Acid (10%) 0
Sulfuric Acid (50%) 0
Sulfuric Acid (75%) 0
Hydrochloric Acid (10%) 0
Hydrochloric Acid (25%) 1 - Slight Change GlossColor
Ammonium Hydroxide 0
MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) 1
Chlorine (0.17%) 0

Finished Coating Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend both the decorative and functional service life of a coatings system. It is suggested that the coated item be cleaned and maintained annually, at a minimum. If the item is exposed to heavy duty use and/or contamination, this frequency should increase in order to maximize the coating life cycle. Specifically, if the item is located in a geographic area where road salt is used, annual spring cleaning is highly recommended.


Surface cleaning should be accomplished using non-abrasive cloths or brushes in conjunction with warm water and a mild detergent. For removal of heavy deposits of salt, a citric acid cleaner may be used. A citric acid concentration of 10% should not be exceeded. For removing grease, oil, or other hydrocarbon deposits, the use of mineral spirits is suggested. Stronger solvents should not be used.

After any cleaning, the item should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water

Repairing – Field

Surface preparation will depend on the degree of damage to the coated item.

For cases where the damage has not penetrated to the substrate, a medium-fine grit sand paper should be used to scuff the surface prior to priming. A high quality air dry surface primer should be applied, followed by an air dry topcoat matched to the color of the original coating.

For cases where the damage has penetrated to the substrate, a wire brush should be used to remove any remaining loose film and abrasion of the substrate should be completed. Final prep using a medium-fine grit sand paper. Priming and top-coating should be prepared.

Note: Performance of the field repair in most cases will not be equal to the original coating system. Specifically, unequal fading of the repaired section compared to the original coating system should be expected, along with decreased corrosion resistance. The higher the quality repair paint, the better.

RAL Super Durables

 RAL Color Wheel

  • Available in UL 1332 recognized formulations
  • Matched to European RAL Standard
  • Stock products are available in high gloss super durable TGIC
  • Consistent color and application properties
  • Additional gloss ranges and chemistries available on request
  • AAMA 2604/2605 performance can be provided in Pentabond© and Decabond© powder coatings
  • Flexible, fast turn around production capability based on customer needs
  • PTI currently stocks several RAL powder coatings. View listing here.


If you need it, we'll stock it!