About Us

Powder Technology has manufactured Thermoset Powder Coatings since 1985. Our team is dedicated to providing proactive solutions for your powder coating needs. PTI's philosophy is to provide quality products that are best suited to the application process and end use environment. Our goal is to ensure that your every need, be it administrative, production or customer service, is totally satisfied.

Stock products are available for immediate release and we specialize in custom formulations to satisfy unique performance specifications and/or process characteristics. Recognizing the need for small quantities of custom materials; PTI will manufacture in lots as small as 50 pounds. Our product lines include unique chemistries to satisfy expanding consumer demands and complement diverse manufacturing/assembly processes. Resin systems include Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid, Polyester-Urethane, Polyester- TGIC, Polyester – TGIC Free, and Fluorocarbon.

Most systems are available in a full range of color, gloss, and visual effects. Textures, River Textures, Hammertones, Wrinkles, Tinted Clears, and Stone Looks can be formulated to comply with a wide range of functional and decorative requirements. Functional properties may include anti-gassing, scratch and impact resistance, and anti-chip. Products may be tailored for Corona or Tribo Charging, and fluid bed applications. Low-temperature curing products are available in interior and exterior grades. Super-Durable Grades provide substantial improvements in exterior weatherability verses General Industrial polyester formulations.

PTI is focused exclusively on manufacturing Powder Coatings since 1985. Backed by a total commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established a reputation as an economical producer of high-quality products. Comprehensive controls and process documentation assure batch to batch conformance with customers' specifications. State-of-the-art facility, flexible scheduling and personal commitment give us a unique ability to respond to changing market conditions and adapt to the needs of our customers.

Powder coatings offer economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to those of liquid coatings.

Application is cost effective and complies with environmental regulations. The elimination of hazardous materials record-keeping, disposal costs and unlimited liability has been invaluable to many.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve your coatings performance properties, expand your finishing process capabilities, reduce costs and add value to your product